Income graphs

Here you will find income graphs and information on my portfolio of P2P lending platforms. You can follow how my investments is going on each platform for now. As time goes I will join more and more of them in the future and keep updating it all.


Mintos portfolio

You can read my Mintos review here.

Total profit so far: 4 713,42
Net annual return rate: 11.5%
Updated 02.01.2020

Join Mintos through this link and get 0,5% extra on your investment for the first 90 days.

Here you can see my monthly interest I receive from the first month when I joined in april 2018 and forward. * I sold all my loans in Aug – Sept 2019, that’s why you see a big drop in the graph until I got all the money withdrawn when the last money in October got released. I’m going to invest again with a new account soon so stay tuned. You can read about how and why I did this in the previous monthly updates.

Envestio portfolio

You can read my Envestio review here.
Right now I must say that Envestio is my top P2P platform since it’s been working out so well from the start. High interest, loans towards companies / projects and payments always on time. Can’t ask for more then that really, but ofc more projects each month would be nice to see 🙂

Total profit so far: 230,02  
Net annual return rate: 17.1%
Updated 05.01.2020

Join Envestio through this link and get 5 Euros on first deposit and 0.5% extra interest in the first 270 days

Envestio interest income 2019
If you want more information on the amounts I deposited and when you can go to the Investment history page


Grupeer portfolio

Invested €1000 at the end of November 2019 in Grupeer finally!! 🙂
First ever Interest received in December 2019:6.07

You can read my Grupeer review here.


Crowdestor portfolio

Same as for joining Grupeer, I also invested  €1000 in Crowdestor at the end of November. 
First ever Interest received in December 2019: 11.33

Read my Crowdestor review here.