Invested in Envestio – Finally!

I have been waiting a long time to get started with some investments at Envestio and their platform for P2P – crowdlending. Since I made a big change in my life and moved to Cyprus I had to put this on hold. I’ve been working to get all things in order and to get settled down to be able to join Envestio. So now finally I’m invested in my first project on their platform!

Envestio don’t have typical personal loans which I think is a good way to go. Instead they go for different type of business projects that you can invest in and the interest is quite high compared to other platforms.
If you want to know more about Envestio you can read my Envestio review here.

Envestio investment – check!

I will show the project that I picked to start with so you can see how it looks like and what information you might be able to see. My first transfer was 2000 Euros to see how the deposit and all went. My money was transfered on the 2nd working day after I made it and that’s fast for being international transfer in my opinion. I just got the money in time for when they released new projects on 8 May 2019, perfect timing I might add 🙂


projects on Envestios platform
Projects on Envestios platform



What project did I go for?

Looking at some of the different projects that have been listed at their platform, there is much to pick from. Production of Sawn Timber – part 6 was the one I picked to start with. This project gives 16.75% interest and is only 7 months timespan!
They have 4 other parts that’s still active and making payments like planned so the history looks good. And from what I can see, no project listed have failed their payback so it feels safe for now.

Envestio investment in Production of Sawn Timber - part 6
Envestio project: Production of Sawn Timber – part 6

I get more interest then I do on Mintos for now and the timespan is short which is perfekt. They pay out interest one time every month for this period ending with last interest and the principal back. The date every interest is paid out is always listed in the information details on the project. I will be able to reinvest the interest as time goes together with more funds in the future.  You can see how they inform you about the payouts on this screenshot of the projects details page down below.


Envestio exampel of repayment schedule
Envestio exampel of repayment schedule



Loan information

They show a great deal of information on the borrower and the details of the loan posted at Envestio. This will show if it’s a secured loan in some way and also all other important information. It will also show if there is a buyback option and what fee this is at on every single project listed. Like the loan here where it’s 5% if you would be in need of an early cashout.
You can see how it looks for the project I’m invested in now in the screen below.

Envestio project loan information
Loan information on project: Production of Sawn Timber – part 6

When the first repayment of interest is coming in June I will be able to show the progress of this in the future together with my earnings on Mintos.


Get something extra when you register the first time on Envestio

If you don’t have an account at Envestio you can register through this link and use the referral program. You will get 5 Euros on your first deposit & 0.5% extra in interest on all your investments the first 270 days.


This was it for now. I’m going to keep this one short but I just had to write something on this since I have been waiting so long for this 🙂 So stay tuned!

Leave a comment if you have any thoughts or questions.

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