Investment History

Here at this page you can see my investment history for my deposits and withdrawals for my investments into P2P and crowdfunding platforms. Right now I’m invested in 2 platforms, Mintos that is the biggest in Europe and Envestio that’s growing fast.

I think you already get it but lets be clear. The Green is for deposits and that red are for the withdraws I’ve made.


Date Investment Amount
4 sept -19 Mintos -7 000€
21 aug -19 Mintos -21 000€
8 May -19 Envestio +2.000
6 Dec-18 Mintos -19€
29 Nov -18 Mintos +7.000€
31 Oct -18 Mintos +5.000€
4 July -18 Mintos +6.000€
6 June -18 Mintos +6.000€
20 April -18 Mintos +10.000€


For more information on these platforms you can read my reviews on them. You find them through the links below:
Mintos review here.
Envestio review here.

Except for my investment history you can follow the progress in my blog posts every month or se the statement in the Income graphs page.