Investment update Mintos – April 2019 + 348,1 Euros

April is over and my Mintos investment is still going like it should. I have had a busy month in my new country Cyprus, both with work and much more. Sometimes it feels like I moved back in time when it comes to how simple many things was in the Nordic countries. They have documents for the documents for the documents you need to sign for everything, running around to different offices to get this and that stamped and approved. But it’s going forward so just need to follow the flow they have down here.


Mintos financial report 2018 is out

Mintos released their Financial report for 2018 in April and it was a good read for the investors. You can read it at Mintos own page here. They have been expanding with new offices and more employees, which is not cheap of course. So that they still could show a marginal profit for the year of 2000 Euros means they still doing things the right way.


Mintos investment update April 2019

Another month is over and April gave a nice jump up in received interests towards the same path we were at before February’s little downslide.
I received 348,1 Euros from the interest in April together with 1,77 Euro in Late fees. It’s up 25,82 Euros since last month. So I’m happy with the ongoing progress of Mintos.
Total profit on Mintos so far is 3194,46 Euros at 30 april 2019.

Mintos account statement April 2019
Mintos account statement April 2019

As of 30 April 2019 I’m invested in 1595 different loans on Mintos, all with 10-30 Euros in each. It’s up around 30 loans this last month.

My net annual return is still at 11.5% and this will start to climb slow soon when all the new loans from last 2 months and forward is getting picked up at around 12%-14.5%.
You can follow the monthly interest I have received in the income graphs page.

This was all for now

I hope to soon have everything in place so I can invest in some new platforms that I have my eyes on. If things goes as planned it will be in May just need some last things in order first 🙂

I will keep this update short and if there is any questions or else just leave a comment.

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