Investment update October & November 2020

Time for another Investment update, a little bit* late but not forgotten. December is here and I’ve been lazy on the blog and site update to be honest, Sorry for that.
There have been much to do on the private side and it’s not easier with this S##**** pandemic making things more troublesome. I will squeeze in the numbers from October & November in this post since It will be the last post before the new year is here.

Because of the pandemic and new restrictions set in place I left Cyprus to go to my family in Sweden earlier than I was planning in mid November. You never know if there would be a total travel stop or not.
I wanted to get here to self quarantine for two weeks after my flights and so on. This to be sure that I didn’t get infected on the planes, airports and so on before seeing my family. Took a test so atleast I didnt get it / have it right now. But hey each day is a day we can get infected sadly so I’m keeping it strictly only to be around family until christmas is over. Glad I’m working from home in times like this.

Enough about me, lets see how my Estateguru and Crowdestor investment is doing. *

Joining one of these P2P platforms through the links in this post will give a bonus on your investments. Read about the different bonuses in my P2P Comparison page. On this page you will find bonuses on the top P2P platforms in EU.

Estateguru Investment update October & November 2020

I’m satisfied with the results from Estateguru for the most part. Some of the loans have repaid earlier than expected this year. Most of them are current but there is one loan that has gone off the rails. 

Customized PDF can be downloaded on Estateguru like this one

Interest received
October: €10,40
November: €3,75

The loan that has gone off the rails is #8868 Business loan. They have been late for some time and It’s been moved to default now at the start of December. So I’m waiting for more information from Estateguru and the borrower on the situation. I’m rather confident that they will manage to fix this. Estateguru has a good track record on recovering investments if they fail.

Crowdestor Investment update October & November 2020

Crowdestor is slowly growing again now after the big blow of the pandemic hit the P2P arena. Most of my loans are back on track but not all of them sadly but I would say it’s still doing okay.
I invested some of my free capital on the platform in a new loan here at the start of December. Baltic Wood Supplies at 28% annual interest for 6 months. Repayment structure is monthly which I prefer.

Interest received
October: €14,05
November: €13,16

One of my loans is in default mode (Fertilizer Export Financing). It’s been without updates for a while now so the future will show how this ends.
Two of my loans are late because of different reasons, I’m talking about CONSUMER LOAN PORTFOLIO ACQUISITION & Construction engineering company.
Will the late loans manage to recover in the future? we will have to just wait and see. This is why diversification over many loans, lenders & platforms are important for risk management.

I have updated the income graph page now with the last months interest. There you will find the interest from start to present on each platform I have an investment in, you can find it in this link here.

This is it for now, stay safe all and lets hope 2021 is going to be a better year then this.

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