P2P investment update October 2019

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It’s time for yet another investment update on my P2P fishing. Oktober ended a while ago and we are heading towards winter. Luckily I’m still warm and enjoying 25 degrees down in Cyprus. The winter season is short here and is usually between December and the start of April. I don’t see it as “winter” because the lack of snow and minus degrees I’m used to. I see it more like a longer springtime 🙂

Not that much has been going on in my P2P world last month since I’m still deep in work.
I’m doing some changes and waiting for things to get in order for my company exit so that I can move som capital and invest more again soon.

Envestio is going like it is supposed to and Mintos still gave me some interest even after I stopped it all over one month ago.
Let’s get in to the numbers below.

Mintos investment update Oktober 2019

This is the first month after I sold all my loans on Mintos because of me moving to a new country and making some changes.
Since I’m closing down a company I made all my investments at Mintos through. I had to take it all out so I can start again with a fresh account. Unfortunately, I’m still waiting for the accountants to get everything ready so I get a green light to move my money when they are finished with all the numbers and papers. They hope to finish this in November – December sometime so I can move my money so it can collect interest again soon.

I still received some interest and fees even after everything was sold out before September ended in the Oktober month.
I received € 21.90 Euros in Oktober, this because of late paid loans and fees that were collected after my loans were sold on the secondary market.

Total profit of € 4713.42 on Mintos up to 12 november 2019

You can still get some returns up to 60 days after you sold everything out on Mintos. This since the late payments and buy back guarantees on the loans not paying in time. So if you are going to sell out everything one day like I did, don’t forget about the account. Check after 60 days, it will always be something dropping in late, remember that.

Envestio investment update Oktober 2019

Envestio is a train that just keeps delivering in time and without problems. They have started to add some new projects with more than 18% interest again. I can just say keep it up 🙂
Envestio have added 5 new projects in November so far so it starts to get more and more again on the platform which is good to see.

I made a new reinvestment of some of the interest received that was just sitting in the account. The new project I picked was Financing of refurbishment of hostel– Mezaparks, tier 2. It’s a project that goes over 12 months, giving 19% interest. I had € 59 free to use so it all went in to this project. It’s not a big amount but you have to take what you have to make more 🙂

Investment update

Interest received in Oktober:  € 30,36
Interest is still being paid out in time on the two projects I’m invested in.
Total account balance: € 2189,24 ( updated 12.11.2019 )

Hope you all are getting the returns your after for your P2P portfolios out there. This was it for my investment update for last month.
I’m keeping this post short since there isn’t much that have happened for now.
Just write to me if there are any questions or thoughts.

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