P2P Investment update September 2019

This is a late post of my investment update, I have and are buried in work right now. September is over and right now I’m glad that it’s still “summer” in Cyprus with 30 degrees and sunny days. In my home country it’s snowing now many places already, brrrrr..

I have worked on a page where I list many of the popular and known P2P platforms out there for a quick overview and some information on how P2P lending works in general. This list will be growing with time and I will try and get as many as possible for the future. You can see the list and information in my Invest in Peer to Peer Lending page, or if you look in the right column there is a link there to. Take a look and if you are missing one platform tell me and I will add it.

So now to the investments and how it’s been going in September.

Mintos investment update September 2019

Mintos account statement September

This month all my loans was out for sale since I’m opening a new account soon in October-Nov depending on how much time things take with everything I’m in the middle of doing.
It took me 1½ months to sell off over 1700 loans since I didn’t want to give a discount on it if not needed 🙂 It wasn’t in a big hurry so I think it worked out fine.
I made a test in the start with a few loans to see if it was going quicker if I posted them with 1% discount and all the loans went away in a few minutes so it’s good to see that if you need the money fast it’s at a low cost.

Total received profit on Mintos in September ended at € 128,75 for the interest. A small late fee payment of € 0,18 received.

My total profit received until 15 Oktober 2019 € 4 706,29

Did my last withdraw from my Mintos account now also so the account is now officially empty. I have made 5 withdrawals from Mintos over the last 2 months and all transfers have been quick and with no fuss so I have only good words to say about how they handle transfers of funds.

Envestio investment update September 2019

Envestio is just delivering on time every month and all the projects keeps going the right way.
They will

Interest received in July:  € 30,88 

Everything is going as planned with the payouts on Envestio. This month I started to get a small interest of € 1.9 from my reinvestment as well so it’s always nice to see when the first payment comes so everything is ok.

Total account balance: € 2158,88 ( updated 15.10.2019 )

Envestio account update 15 oktober 2019
Envestio account investment update 15 oktober 2019

It was good to see that they started to get more projects again after the slow summer months. In september they had 7 new projects listed and funded quickly by investors. All these projects had an interest rate between 16-17.5%.

I have to keep this one short but there will be more updates and information on whats going on later 🙂

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