Follow my investments from when I started investing in Mintos 20 April 2018 and forward. I have been adding funds frequently since I started my journey with a big smile on my face. You can see it all in the Investment History page for dates and amounts.
You can also follow the monthly interest received month to month in the Income graphs page. Read my review on Mintos here for more information on their platform.

Mintos Printscreen
Mintos Printscreen

Profit to now: €4 713,42
Updated 02.01.2020


Envestio is my newest and second P2P – crowdfunding platform I have joined. Since I just joined and and made my first invesmtent in a project there on 8 May 2019 more updates will come after the first payout of interest.
You can read my review on Envestio here.

Envestio platform
Envestio platform

Profit to now: €230,02
Updated 05.01.2020