Here you can see which investments I made in P2P platforms. A short summary of the platforms, how much profit so far and links to my reviews of their platforms to help out with questions you might have.


Follow my investments from when I started investing in Mintos 20 April 2018 and forward. I have been adding funds frequently since I started my journey with a big smile on my face. You can see it all in the Investment History page for dates and amounts.
You can also follow the monthly interest received month to month in the Income graphs page. Read my review on Mintos here for more information on their platform.
Mintos review of investors

Profit to now: €4 713,42
Updated 02.02.2020 ( My Mintos investment is paused for now, I’ll be joining them again soon)


This is the second month of being invested in Crowdestor. They offer high interest projects, sometimes up in the 20-30% area. The platform is easy to manage and for now it looks promising.
Read my Crowdestor review here.
Crowdestor platform
Profit to now: €131,04
Updated 10.12.2020


Estateguru is the newst platform in my P2P portfolio. They have been open for 6 years now and are getting more and more investors. Estateguru focus on Realestate & business loans, all mortgage backed loans with a great LTV.
Average interest is at 11.88% with over €190 000 000 invested so far from +44000 investors.
Read my Estateguru review here.
Investments EstateGuru Review
Profit to now: €69,17
Updated 10.12.2012


I joined Grupeer in November 2019. Things were okay in the start but from March 31 2020 things look bad. They have shut down most of their activity blaming the virus pandemic and there is not much to hear from them after the last announcement. There are rumors that there are fake loans on the platform so how this will pan out we have to wait and see.
Read my Grupeer review here.
Investments Grupeer platform
Profit to now: €36,65 ?????
Updated 01.12.2020

Envestio – A Scam. Under investigation for fraud right now

Since I just joined and and made my first invesmtent in a project there on 8 May 2019 up to January 2020 everything looked good. Now they have vanished from the internet and not a word on what’s going on. This was a scam most likely and I fear that my money is lost. Ongoing case of fraud and police investigation is being made right now.
You can read my review on Envestio here.

Investments Envestio platform
Envestio platform

Lost money ?: €2260,02  ( 2000 invested + 260,02 interest. Since no explanation and reason for them ghosting everyone. Ongoing lawsuit so we have to see hos this goes)
Updated 01.12.2020