Investment Update – February 2019 +297,63 Euro

Now February is over, the second and shortest month of them all. Even though it’s a short month, many things have been going on at Mintos this month. I must say, it’s fun to watch from the sidelines where this all is heading. I can’t wait to see everything that this year will bring and how much they are going to grow between now and 2020. And it’s not only Mintos that’s growing. We see this on most of the platforms out there so this will be an absoloutly exciting year.

They have brought back Cashback deals on one of the loan originators again so that is good news for many of you. This time it’s FIREOF, a Spanish Mortgage lender. The catch is that it’s only for a short term, until 14 March at this time. Let’s hope they start adding more of these kind of deals this year.

They have also had one loan originator EuroOne that’s changed name due to corporate changes. It’s a first time for this I think on the platform. Rapido Finance is their new name, like their company name in Spain.

Mintos wins another award

The biggest news I think is that Mintos have reeled in yet another prize for their platform. This time it was the award: The financial Partner of the Year 2018. The ceremony was held by The Loan Magazine Awards in Poland in February and is designed to celebrate the non-banking sector out there.
Mintos got the award for their contribution to a more free flow of loans and capital around the world outside the normal bank systems. This speaks much of their ambitions for the future so I belive it’s something that will make Mintos work even harder to keep this up.

Mintos statement February – investment update

So to my investment update. It was a short month but still it’s looking good. I received € 297,63 in interest payouts from February, down a little from January. I figured it would be less anyway just because it’s fewer days and all that. The late fees received were € 1.02, looks almost the same every month now so nothing special there. Here at the printscreen you will see the February statment

My Mintos statement February 2019
My Mintos statement February 2019

My total gain on Mintos from the start of April 2018 up to 1 March 2019  is at € 2500,80 and growing each day. The net annual return is at 11.60%.  Actually it’s fallen by 0.05%, so I will look for some new Loan originators to trust with higher %
It’s not the highest number you can get but I’m trying to play it safe and not do so much with this for now. I’m satisfied with these numbers.

Other news

I’m heading into March here in Cyprus. There are still some things on the private side that need to be fixed. I have a meeting with the immigration department to register here in the middle of the month. I have been waiting for this since my first visit there at the start of January. Things take time down here, as I told you in the last post. I think they have only one person dealing with this type of thing in the city I live in so the queue is long it seems.

The weather starts to get better and better also so I can’t complain. It’s sunny most of the days and more and more tourists are starting to come to Cyprus as the weeks pass by. I can’t wait to see how it’s going to be towards the summer time.

I’m waiting for some paperwork so I can start my investment on Envestio. Hopefully this will be in place this month and I will make another post about this soon. I was almost invested at New Year but I had to put it on hold. Because I moved to Cyprus I need to re-register from here so I don’t mix the countries taxations. This will be better for me now because Cyprus has a better system for these kind of investments.

So, that’s it for the time being. I hope March is going to be a good month for all of us 🙂

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