Investment update – March 2019 +322 Euros

Another Month has passed by and we are heading towards more sunshine and warmer days. In the end of March many of us turned our clocks to summertime, it gives a feeling that summer is coming.  
I’m officially registered in Cyprus after waiting a long time so now there is only the last pieces left before I can relax on that front. This shouldn’t take so much more time, then I can join some other P2P platforms that I have my eyes on.

Mintos extended the Cashback campaign on FIROF to 14 April so it looks like it was appreciated and went well. Even with the cashback deal on FIROF loans they are still a bit low in percentages for my taste. So let’s hope they get other loan originators to do the same soon with higher rates.

Let’s head down to how my passive income is doing it at Mintos. Depending on how you set the auto-invest, Mintos can be almost all passive to manually managed so pick your settings as prefered.


Mintos investment update

March is over and my Mintos investment is running like suposed. The recived interest is increasing again since last months dip so that’s great, it’s back on the right track.

I received 322,28 Euros in Interest payouts from the loans I’m invested in. Together with 1.10 Euros in late fees that’s almost always in that ballpark nowadays. This from over 1560 loans that I have invested in for now with amounts between 10-30 Euros on each. The annual return rate is at 11.5%. You can see the graph on all the months payouts at Income graphs.


Mintos account statement mars 2019
Mintos account statement mars 2019

Last month I changed some of the settings in my Auto-Invest portfolios. This to try and get my average percentage to climb some more since it has been dropping sightly in the last months. Now I have 4 portfolios active, first prio +14%,  second +13%, third +12% and last +11.5%. All with different criterias and Loan originators. This to never sit without loans that match my criteria, I don’t want one day that’s not re-investing.

This means that for now my total profit on Mintos is at 2842,93 since I started up to to 31 March 2019.

This time it’s a short post since I’m in the middle of much other things right now. Hopefully I will write a new post soon with some news if things go as planned.

If you have any thoughts or questions just write a comment.


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