Mintos Marketplace update March 2019

Mintos marketplace has been growing since they launched some years ago. First they had only one marketplace for their loan connecting service and now there are two. We have the Primary Market and then the Secondary Market. There are not many other P2P lending platforms that have this today. Other platforms are starting to catch up as they see it’s working fine for Mintos, so maybe all of them will have this in the future.


Here I will write a quick update on how things look at Mintos marketplace now in March 2019.

Loan originators

At Mintos platform they now have 60 Loan originators from 29 different countries. We can easily say they are the biggest out there today.
A good feature they have is that they rate their Loan Originators on 11 different levels, from Low risk A+ to  High risk D. This to help the investors in some degree to evaluate the risk.
They have some criteria that they use to measure this from time to time. For example, they take a look at the financial background of the Originator, the risks around company’s strategy amongst other things. These are all listed on the Mintos platform. This all can change quickly in a company’s lifespan so it’s always smart to do your own research. There are also other independent sites that do risk evaluations on the Loan Originators out there so look around if you have the time.

Mintos has a list of all the Loan originators and a little information site on all of them, so you can investigate them further. It will state information such as when they were founded, their loan portfolio at Mintos, Interest rates they offer, number of employees etc. How often this is updated I have no clue, so I hope they try and keep things current. Again, this is why we all should do our own research.

Loan Types

As of today Mintos has 8 different types of loans that the Loan originators present on the platform. Therefore, if you’re looking to diversify, Mintos is the perfect place for you to do this.

The types of loans available are Agricultural, Business, Car, Mortgage, Pawnbroking, Personal and Short-Term Loans. Also Invoice Financing is an option to pick from here so it’s a real buffet of choices.


Not only do  Mintos present many different types of Loans from various originators, but when these originators are spread over 29 Countries it’s also possible to invest in 12 different currencies. I’m sticking to EURO loans just because it’s my currency. I don’t have to think about exchange rates or currency risk, but I see the good in having the option. If I lived in a country with a different currency I would not hesitate to use that also 🙂

Interest Rate

The interest rates at Mintos are now the highest 18.5- 18.7% that I can find today. These rates are from the Loan Originators Kredit24 and Ecofinance. Their loans are in Russia and Kazakhstan in their own currencies. The lowest interest I find is at 5.5% in Euros From Fireof located in Spain. Not the loan I would jump into as an investor, but the choice is there at least. The above are all numbers from the Primary Market where I currently make all my investments.
Of course these figures are constantly changing so it’s good to keep an eye open and to look through the platform from time to time.
As you can see there is plenty of scope and there are a huge amount of loans available offering a variety of percentages.

My portfolio at Mintos has most of the loans at 10,5-13% for now, resulting from the criteria I picked on the autoinvest feature. My average return is around 11.60%at the moment so I’m happy. You can take a closer look at the interest I recive on the Income graphs page

Secondary Market

I can’t say I have been using this so much. I always found loans from the Primary Market to match my criteria so I haven’t had the need or curiosity to look in to this too much.
The best thing with the Secondary market in my view is that it will let you cash out quickly as an investor. It’s ideal if you’re in need of capital and can’t wait for the loans to mature, or just if you want to change to other loans. I think it’s a good extra option for the lender to get more wiggle room so to speak.

You can sell and buy loans there with discounts, same value as originally or with a premium. It all depends on what you need and how fast you need it.
I sold one loan in the Secondary market just to try it out a few months ago. It worked fine so I can’t say anything more on that right now 🙂

Mintos Marketplace is growing

There is a total of around 103,776 loans on the Primary Market and 173,753 loans at the Secondary Market that are investable. This will always fluctuate from day to day of course. The average number has been steadily increasing so that’s a good sign.

Mintos Marketplace number of loans available
Mintos Marketplace number of loans available

Mintos had just under 1.5 Billion Euros funded by the end of 2018, and the number today has grown to 1.84 Billion Euros. If this trend continues this will be the month they pass 2 Billion Euros through their platform.
They also have 17 000 new investors since New Year so that’s an extra 17% in less than 3 months. If they keep this up my earlier prediction that Mintos would pass 200,000 investors this year will be easily achievable.

So that’s it for now. Just wanted to keep it short but it got longer when I started typing, haha!
Please write a comment or send me an email at if you have any questions or thoughts.

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