My first reinvestment of interest on Envestio

Since the interest on Envestio is on the higher side it’s good to see they start to release new projects.

Envestio will soon have over 10 000 investors. Until now they have paid out more than 1.5 million euros in interest for investors, so the platform is growing fast.

It was time for me to make my first reinvestment at Envestio with the money I have received the last months in interest. I took the free capital in the account and jumped in to the project: Development of a large dolomite deposit-tier 2.

my new investment on Envestio

It’s a project giving 17.5% interest over 12 months, the cost of the project is €500 000.
I added €128 since it was the money accumulated until now that was free on my account.


Loan information on Development of a large dolomite deposit-tier 2
Loan information on Development of a large dolomite deposit-tier 2


When I make an investment at Envestio I want it to be at least 100 or more in the same project. This to get more than 1 each payout, anything under that would look so tiny 🙂


They have launched a new Tier for this today 16 sept. Development of a large dolomite deposit-tier 3 that you see in the picture below. It has the exact same payment plan like the other 2 tiers. When it’s 17% interest or more the projects usually don’t take a long time before its funded. Check out their project here >

new project at envestio
new projects at envestio

About the limit on Envestios auto-invest feature

I asked Envestio about the limit on the autoinvest and why it’s at €100 and not lower. They have answered back rather fast.
They will not lower the limit on this for now is the quick answer.
I thought it would be good to have it around €20 for the small investors. They need to optimize the systems to handle everything so maybe we see a change next year?

Now the projects posted on Envestio are bigger so manually invest if you get less than €100 each month if needed, it’s not a problem.





This was it for now, leave a comment or send me an email if there is anything.


P.S Dont miss my envestio review


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