Investment Update – January 2019 +335,55 Euro

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Now the first month of 2019 has ended and my Mintos investment is growing. So I’m very happy to share this with you all. This will be my first monthly update for the blog this year and I’m excited to show how everything is going. Also read my Mintos review for more information about Mintos.

I must say I’m now in uncharted territory because I have never written blogs or anything like this before, so please be patient with me. Give me feedback in the comment section below if you want to see me add things or have questions.

News at Mintos for 2019

Mintos came out with news in the middle of January that they are going to give all investors their own IBAN numbers. They also talk about getting debit cards for the investors. They are definitely expanding on every front to keep the leading position they have now.

Let’s take a quick look at the growth rate of Mintos over the last years. They tripled the amount of investors from 2016 to 2017. Then they more than doubled it in 2018 which took them to over 100.000 investors. Mintos are expecting to double this figure again in 2019, so its going to be exciting to follow. I think they will manage this easily now as P2P lending is starting to gain more attention.
They now have three offices around the world, in Riga, Warsaw and Mexico City. Now for 2019 they are looking to double their staff and also open new locations.

They announced some new loan originators in 2019. One in January that is looking great is Monego from Kosovo. They will have rates around 11%, but the best thing about them is that they have 15% of their own money in the loan so they have skin in the game. Also at the beginning of February, Dineo from Spain. Dineo will have rates around 10%  with the aim to be more competitive than most of their competition on behalf of the borrower.

So Mintos are growing quickly as expected. This all looks very promising for the future I must say. This type of lending is sure growing at a fast pace, so I’m glad I joined at a good time 🙂

January – How did it go?

Now to my Mintos investment for January 2019. It shows a growth from the interest received in December of +€33.81. This means I received a total of €335,55 in interest payouts to start this years first month. Here in the screenshot below you can see how it looks when you take out a monthly statement. I think it shows everything you need to know in easy to read format.
When I write about interest payouts it’s good to know I only include interest received and interest income on rebuy. If you add them together from the printscreen you will get the number I’m posting as monthly interest.


My Mintos statement January 2019
My Mintos statement January 2019

As you can see in the printscreen from the last post Lookback 2018, I got 206,17 euros in Campaign bonuses in the first 90 days. It’s stated as Campaign Rewards just because I joined through a referral link. It helps and keeps helping my investments for the future so I’m happy I went through one of those instead of just joining the site directly. Can’t say no to free money!


If you have read my Lookback 2018 post I have added the Interest received and interest income on rebuy in my stated interest list and graph for the year, so you can see how it went.

I haven’t added the Campaign rewards I got at the start of my investment in the list because I think it should be on the side. Same goes for the late fee payments I get ( €1,07 in January 2019 ). Although it’s not much, it’s money too.


Auto-invest settings for one of my portfolios

I would like to share some more info on my settings in the auto-invest feature. We all go for different criteria so I thought it’s time to dig deeper and show you how I set mine. I also made some changes this month, so I will explain my settings I have for the Primary Market.

The interest rates I go for

I’ve had my settings to 9.5-14% from the start. That was because it would have been hard to get enough loans to cover all the other criteria had I gone higher on the interest rate some months earlier. However, the number of loans that match my criteria have been going up lately so I’m going for 10.5-14% from February. Lets see how that goes for a while.

Which loan originators do I pick?

I currently invest in three loan originators and have been doing so for some time. They have rates between A, A-, B+ and B. I never go lower than that just to make things more secure for my re-investments. I have also decided to only go for A and A- loans in my auto-invest profile from February.
The loan originators I have chosen are the following: Acema, Banknote and Mogo.
I have all of them only with Buyback Guarantee.

Remaining loan Term

This refers to the length of the loan. For now my plan is to stick with Mintos indefinitely so I have my setting from 0 to 80+ months. When the time comes I will adjust it. There is no need for me to think about this as long they keep paying their loans as they have been doing.

Investment in One loan

This is the amount I choose to reinvest in each loan that matches my criteria. I still have this at 15 – 30 Euros just because I feel it’s a good amount for the time being.

Include loans already invested in

I have this set to No. I want to have my money in as many loans as possible to not have too much invested in one.

Diversify across loan originators

This one is set to Yes. Like the option states, I don’t want all my funds in one loan originator if possible. Diversity is a good strategy for spreading out the risk of potential problems if one originator goes bust.

With all these settings in place, I have enough loans to let the auto-invest system reinvest my money. There are enough loans to avoid drag time that can hurt the income boost. I will keep a closer look at this now to see that they keep adding more loans at these criteria. It’s fast to change again if necessary, so let’s see how it goes.

Other news

I’ve been living down in Cyprus now for almost 2½ months and can’t say I regret it.
The people are nice, the weather is perfect and there is so much to do. I can’t forget to mention also that the food here is right in my ball park. They have food inspired from all over the world in this little island so you can always find something for everyone.

The only thing that can be a little frustrating is that everything here takes time. If you need something done you need to have patience. For me it’s okay because I have the time so I don’t need to rush into things and it doesn’t bother me so much. But I know others that sure would be irritated about this sort of thing, so keep this in mind if your planning to move to this beautiful island.

Beach promenade in Larnaca, February and the weather is perfect

So this was it for this post. If you have any thoughts, questions or just like what I write about please leave a comment below, your input is much appreciated. Or send an email if that feels better at:




5 thoughts on “Investment Update – January 2019 +335,55 Euro

  1. Looks like you doing well on Mintos, congratz 🙂
    I just got an account and transfered my first €2k a week ago. Havent had so much time to start investing yet but I have a few loans right now 🙂 Do you have any advice for a beginner?

    1. Hi,
      Thx, yeah I think it’s going in the right direction so I’m pleased.
      I’m rather new to this myself and still have some months to my first anniversary with Mintos but I know it’s going to be a long lived partnership 🙂
      I would say that you should do as much research you can on the loan originators you decide to pick loans to invest from. It’s important that you keep your investments as safe as possible. When you start with 2000 you should pick Secondary Market for the Auto-invest if you planning on using that instead of manually invest your funds. This just because there is no investment limit on the rebuys there so you don’t have to wait to long before your interest payouts invests itself again 🙂 Also take loans with Buyback guarantee for your own protection, but this is up to you ofc.
      Good luck to you David

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