P2P Conference 2020 in Riga

They announced the dates for the P2P conference in Riga to be held on 19-20 June in 2020. This year will have up to 50 speakers attending. And they are expecting around 1000-1200 people to visit this 2 day event. If you haven’t seen the news yet or checked the website for information and tickets you can go here: P2PConference.com

P2P conference Riga 2020

They are getting more attention for this year’s edition after the huge growth in the P2P arena. I think it will be easy for them to fill up the 1200 limit they have for this year. Conferences like this is a great way to get a closer look into the P2P platforms thoughts and plans. How they operate and what’s to come in the future. It’s a good way to talk to other investors and share your own thoughts and questions.

One hot topic right now in the community that will surely be addressed is the shutdown / scam exit of the two platforms Kuetzal and Envestio. These two platforms have shaken the P2P market after around two years with no visible problems around the P2P platforms in the EU.

Those that will attend the P2P Conference there will be transportation that takes you to the Event locations of each day. They will also serve food and drinks throughout the event like last year. Depending on how long you want to visit, you have the option to get 1day or 2day tickets. If you don’t have time to visit daytime you have the option to get only the Afterparty tickets.

Main sponsors for this year’s event is the two well known platforms Mintos and Bulkestate.

Last years P2P conference

It was the first ever P2P conference here in Europe 2019, they attracted around 400 people. Which is not that bad for a first time. These attendants was a mix of P2P platform representatives, media, bloggers, youtubers and investors from around the world.
If you missed that one, you can see almost all of the activity from the main stage here on youtube. 5+ hour long talk and presentation with different attendants.

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