P2P Investment update April 2020

Investment update for April got sidetracked a bit but better late than never 🙂

It was yet another month in total lockdown in Cyprus where I live.
Cyprus had one of the most strict lockdown I think compared to other countries. We had to follow rules like, Only permitted to go out 1 time each day and if so we had to send an SMS to the government to get Ok or No. We had curfew from 22:00 to around 07:00. All parks, beaches and public areas was closed. Restaurants and most stores were also closed during the lockdown. Not more than 2 persons could be outside together. This is some of the rules we had to follow all April. So I must say that this Coronavirus has created a situation I never believed that I would be in. On the good side at least there have been few cases of the virus in Cyprus and not many deaths at all so far.

Congratulations to those of you that joined Estateguru in April and got picked for the promotion to get a free Hoodie and or €50 extra to invest. I have talked with Estateguru and they have contacted those who won on email.

My P2P portfolio has performed as I expected in April. We all knew it would be a month where many platforms have paused payments and where delays were most likely to happen. But even if so, most of my investments have been going ok. Let’s take a look at how things went.

Estateguru Investment update April 2020

My investments at Estateguru have been paying out as expected. There was one loan that was 5 days late but still got paid out the same month at least. So I would say that right now it feels like it was a good choice to add this platform to the portfolio. I also got enough principals back to make a new investment in a loan at 14% with €54 I had free on the account.

Interest received: €2.74
average interest rate for the portfolio: 11.39%

Crowdestor Investment update April 2020

Same goes for Crowdestor, after they gave every borrower 3 months pause time from start it was expected that it would be a month without payments. But after some weeks they decided to change this to an individual plan for each borrower so that those who can, will pay and not wait 3 months. So It looks like things will start to pay out again already in May for most of my loans. I got one small repayment of interest in April from the WarHunt movie project  but that was it.

Interest received: €2.07
average interest rate for the portfolio: 21.75%

Grupeer Investment update April 2020

What to say about Grupeer, they still only communicate ever 2-3 week on their blog saying they are working on a plan to repay all invetors. Up to now they have been dodging questions on social media and from investors. The plan they have now is to be able to fix this within 2 years? 2 years??? It all looks very strange and not belivable at this point. A goup lawsuit is being created by some investors. If this will help or not I cant say, but atleast it will put some preassure on Grupeer.
So for now my investments at Grupeer is on hold and I will keep looking for news and hope for the best even if things look dark.

Investment update

Im gonna keep this one short for now. We are soon in June so a new update will be released within around 10 days.

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