P2P investment Update August 2019

September is here and the last real summer month is over. I had some things to take care of so I prolonged the vacation from July to late August for a mix of work and vacation. But now it’s back to normal in Cyprus and here it’s still 30-35 degrees everyday, almost to hot if you ask me 🙂

I will soon be joining a few more P2P platforms later this fall when I have things in order. It’s a few I have my eyes on so I will announce it when the time comes.

Now after my blog has been active for almost 10 months I have seen a great increase of readers. More and more people are both following and contacting me with questions and discussions over mail and in the comment section which I feel is a great way to learn more from each other, so thanks for that everyone.


Mintos investment update Aug 2019

This just keeps going like it should so still very happy with the results from Mintos.
I received 341,72 in interest and 0,64 in late fee payments.

Total received profit on Mintos in August ended at 342,36
Even though I made big changes on the investment there it gave a decent amount. If I hadn’t started to sell out my portfolio It would have been a new all time high I think.

Investment statement august 2019
Investment statement august 2019

My total profit on Mintos until 6 september 2019 is at  4 591.69 



Big changes for my Mintos portfolio

Since 11 august I stopped all my auto investment on Mintos and put all my 1700 loans on sale at the secondary market.  The first 2 days I sold out little more than 50% of the portfolio with the same value I invested so without a loss. But after that It got slower and slower to get rid of the loans.

So I mixed a little and gave 1-2% discount on a few loans to see if things went faster and it worked, all loans with the discount went away quickly. Only negative thing with discounting the loans to get them sold quick is that you give away some cash.

Since my target is to sell everything until last September I have the rest without discount for now and just let them get bought back or sold until last days I will put them on discount to get it all out. This way I get some extra interest in the meanwhile.

Why I’m selling out and starting over?

I’m doing this because after me moving to Cyprus a while ago I’m closing a company in a few months that is the holder of my Mintos account. So I have to sell off everything ( get the taxes and transfers in place) Then start a new account on Mintos sometime soon after that. It’s going to be my Mintos 2.0 journey.
A huge plus will be that I will get the future return with much less tax (maybe even tax free still looking in to this to be 100% sure) after this change which is HUGE 🙂


Withdrawing money from Mintos

I have only made one withdraw before as a test on €19 a long time ago. So now I have had the chance to see if they work as fast with bigger withdrawals.

I took out €21 000 at the end of August and again €7 000 in start of sept. Both went quick and took 2 working days, so I was glad to see it was no delays. You can see all deposits and withdrawals in the Investment history page


Envestio investment update August 2019

The investment on Envestio is going like predicted and is always on time with payments. I have only good things to say about them for now and hope this will keep being stable.

Interest received in August:  28,44
Interest rate at: 16,75%

Total account balance: €2128,80 ( updated 09.09.2019 )

Envestio account 09.09.2019
Envestio account 09.09.2019

Envestio news

In august they launched 3 new projects on Envestio and all of them with interest between 16-18%. Also one project got listed now in start of september before I had time to do my update. That project is on €800 000 and with 17.5% interest over 1 year which is good.

It’s far from the rate they had before summer though with projects. The projects gets funded quick so it’s good that they have added the auto-invest feature. I think they should lower the minimum limit on it to 10-20 instead of minimum 100. This so everyone even with not so much interest received each month can take part of the feature and get the most out of it. I have asked Envestio about it now so waiting answer 🙂

They are still in the process of getting things in place to be able to provide more projects in the future. I hope they start with 10+ per month again soon since I’m going to add some extra funds there as well.



This was it for now, write a comment if there is anything you’d like to discuss or send an email if you prefer.


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