P2P update December 20 to March 21

Welcome all to another investment update, I’m back with yet another update of my P2P portfolio and life. As you might have noticed it’s been a long time since my last update. The reason is that I have been traveling and spending time with my family since the end of November last year. I put most things aside and just wanted to focus on me and them.

We have entered 2021 and sadly we still got this pandemic all over. Countries have started to kick off vaccinations but it’s going slow. If things don’t start to speed up I’m afraid we won’t see any big changes from the 2020s living situation this year. But enough about that.
Not so much has happened in my P2P portfolio in the last months, Estateguru and Crowdestor are still the platforms I’m invested in with no big changes.

On the private side I spent my time in Sweden with family up until after christmas which always is great. Good food and company is all that’s needed to get recharged.
A few days later I flew to Medellín, Colombia almost a month over New Years with a bonus week in San Andrés out in the Caribbean sea. Both places were so beautiful, with nice culture, people and food. I would recommend everyone to go there one time.
The only downside for me was my on me ofc, I can’t speak spanish at all. English isn’t something most people learn down there which I usually take for granted most people should know. Thanks to google translate and some friends down there it didn’t become a problem 🙂

I arrived back to Cyprus now April so things can start to go back to normal again. So without more small talk, lets see how Estateguru and Crowdestor has done it these 4 months.

Estateguru Investment update

It’s been going like expected at Estateguru. Some months gives more some less depending on payout dates of the loans you picked.

Interest received
December: €9,19
January: €1,15
February: €2,02
March: €25,24

I made a check on the withdrawal time, which I never done before. Took out 150 EUR as a test, and I was pleased to see it only took one day to receive.
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Crowdestor update

Crowdestor still are putting out a bunch of loans for different projects like always. They sure have loans and project you can’t find anywhere else, but at a higher risk ofc.

Interest received
December: €12,18
January: €5,59
February: €8,21
March: €8,07

I’m sitting with almost €200 that is not invested right now on the platform. I’m waiting to see what kind of new projects they will list which can fit me more then those available right now.

I got 3 loans that is late as of now so that is impacting my monthly interest a bit. I See that they write updates on them inside the project pages for now adn try to fix it. So I just hope they will find a way to restructure and start repay again in the future.
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Investment P2P

This was it for my investment update this time. I’m up to my neck with things to do after being away for so many months so I’ll have to keep this one short.

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