P2P investment update December 2019

I hope everyone had a good time over Christmas and NewYears. 2020 is here and we shall make it a great year the best way we can.
So this is the last update on how things went for my P2P investment in December 2019.

I chose to go on a work / holiday trip for 1½ month in the middle of December since Christmas was on the way so I will be on the road until start of February it looks like. This to spend time with family back home in the North like we do every christmas. I’m not the one that breaks tradition even if I live 3400 KM away now in the south of EU 🙂  Always try to make time for family on these special holidays, if you don’t you might regret it later.

I’m literally drowning in work at the moment (like most of the time lately) so I hope that it will slow down in a few months. At least things has been working like expected with my P2P investments. So let’s jump to what’s been going on with these investments in December.

Crowdestor investment update December

I got my first interest payout already in December from the project I joined in late November at Crowdestor. I found a project with 24% interest so it was perfect timing that I deposited €1000 the day before they started accepting funding to it. So I’m looking forward to see how things work out and if my assumptions is right.
Interest received in December: €11.33

The project I’m invested in right now on Crowdestor is over a period of 12 months. It will start to pay out a part of the principal together with interest from next month which is great.
Every project they announce have different payout structure so check the description for that kind of information.

Grupeer P2P investment update

Like with Crowdestor I also invested €1000 on Grupeers platform to get it started late in November. This is a platform I have checked out and wanted to join for a long time now. They have shown great growth and from the looks of it, most people are happy with the returns and simplicity of their platform.
Interest received in December: €6.07

Since I invested 26 November, the interest payouts should normalize after around 1-3 months of being invested because of late payments and so on.
One thing I like is that you can download a simple PDF file to check income statements from Grupeer and everything around transactions on the account.

Envestio December 2019

I got my principal back from my first ever investment that I made at Envestio in December. Everything from my first interest payout to the principal repayment have been on time and without any problems for now.

Interest received in December: €2.80
I had to wait for around one week before a new project came so I could invest it all again. For me that’s not a problem when they offer such a high interest. I found a project with 19% interest this time over 12 months. It’s the project: Materials for the construction of roads and technical salt, tier 1.

Update on new investment at Envestio

I received €10.16 in a Timespan bonus at the start of January when writing this update.

I’m not the one that sets New Year’s resolutions since I think it’s better to strive to be the best of yourself anytime, anywhere. Most people I see do this, keeps it up for a few weeks, maybe a month or two but then fall back to old habits.
So my advice is simple. Just look at your life and if there is something you want to change, just do it! don’t wait. Any day is as good as the other to start, right?

I would rather set up long term goals and try to strive to complete them one by one.
For my P2P investments and adventure I have one main goal for 2020 and that’s to join more platforms. Research and track how things actually worksout at these platforms now when there is an increase in this area. I think it’s a great way to earn passive income and a good way to diversify your investment portfolio.

So again, welcome everyone into 2020 and all that it will bring 🙂  I’m happy to see so many that writes to me about P2P and crowdlending. We need to discuss and learn more from each other so thanks to all of you that follows my journey.

This was it for now. If there are any questions or topics you want to discuss just leave a comment or send an email. I’ll get back to you as soon as I can.

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