P2P investment update February 2020

Welcome back for yet another investment update. February was a month where things went like expected on the P2P front so that part will be straight forward.
I’m finally back in Cyprus as well so things start to be normal again for me. I travelled from -10 to around +20 degrees so I can’t complain about that 🙂

It’s an interesting time now also when the CoronaVirus is spreading at a fast pace around the world. I must say that I had that in my mind when I was at the airports and planes hearing people cough and looking sick. Trying to avoid people in general at the airport just to not get it myself even if it should be okay if you ain’t in a risc group. For now there are no confirmed cases in Cyprus at least but it’s sure just a matter of time.

Stock markets have gotten a big hit because of the virus also so if things don’t normalize soon it will affect many people. The big players in the market see this as a time for buying more since what goes down always swing up again later. It’s hard to tell for now when things go back to normal so I just keep my eyes open for now.

Let’s head down to how it went for my P2P investments last month.

Grupeer investment update February 2020

This was the 3rd month I received interest since creating my account 5 months ago on Grupeer. Things are going like it should for now so I’m happy with the results so.
In February I received €8.91 in interest. 
Total profit since the start is at €26.05 and counting. Interest rate at 13%

I really like that the auto invest works like it should on Grupeer so I use almost no time to adjust it. I just go into the platform 1 time each week to see that there are loans with the criterias I picked so I don’t get any cashdrag if it would go down.
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Crowdestor investment update February 2020

Crowdestor keeps doing it’s thing and pays out the interest in time. They sure have some special projects to invest in compared to other platforms. The risk is on the higher side for some of them I would say but as long as they have control it should work out fine.
I had 2 projects that paid out interest in February, one of them just a super tiny amount though. This since it will pay 3 months interest when it’s finished in April 2020.
I received €16.33 in interest payouts in February.
This makes my total profit to now at €50.11. Interest rate at 21%

interest from Crowdestor

One of my investments pays out part of the principal also each month. This gave me €83.93 extra back so I could jump in to my third investment last month. So in February I joined the Warhunt movie project that has 18% interest and is for a period of 16 months.
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Other news

Let’s take a quick look on main things that have happened in February for some of platforms.

  • Grupeer has been open for 3 years now in February. Celebrating their birthday giving investors 1% extra interest for investments between 11-26 Feb. They also launched Two-factor authentication to up the security together with renewing their referral program.
  • Mintos launched their Mobile App for iOS and Android making it more accessible to have control on your portfolio. They are the first P2P platform to do this and we welcome it with open arms. And they also added Dutch as a language for the site.
  • Mintos also added 7 new loan originators in February. These are: GFM, Julo, Pinjam Yuk, Danarupiah, Kiva, Moneda and KreditPintar. And they have increased the total amount to invest through Invest & Access from €200 000 to €500 000
  • Envestio: No more news around the scam that is worth mentioning for now. It’s still an ongoing investigation from the police. The big crowdlending group case started in February and they have done what they can for now and are still going through everything, filing the lawsuit and so on.

This was it for now, If you like my posts feel free to like and follow Getrichtogether on Facebook and Twitter. It would mean much to me, I’m not a big social media guru so it’s a work in progress, keep that in mind 🙂 And like always leave a comment or send me an email if there is something you want to discuss.

2 thoughts on “P2P investment update February 2020

  1. Hey John, is been awesome monitoring your progress and I’ve taken a lot of inspiration from your journey to become financially independent.
    I wanted to ask is there any particular reason you don’t invest in Mintos anymore?
    Best of luck on your road…

    1. Hi Roland, glad to see you are interested in what I write about.
      I have mentioned it before in older posts but I can write a shorter answer here. I was invested in Mintos through a company I owned, I closed that company 2nd half of 2019 and had to withdraw everything I had there. It took me a long time to get everything finished on that part, taxed and so on and after that my plan was to join again since it’s a reliable platform. But, I got a good deal on another investment in a startup company that hopefully will generate around 20% each year so most of that money went there in the start of 2020. So from the looks of it I will return to Mintos again soon but on a smaller scale from start since there are many other platforms also I want to try out today that have caught my eyes 🙂

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