P2P investment update January 2020

Not just a new month but a new year this time. Much has happened in the P2P arena last 2 months.
I started to receive interest in December after joining 2 new platforms, Grupeer and Crowdestor. They are both paying out interests like expected and everything looks great for now the second month.
I have been looking at two new platform to join for the last couple months. Estateguru and Peerberry is platforms I had my eyes on for some time so I will be joining them soon.

Another big news in January is that they have announced this year’s P2P conference to be held June 2020 in Riga. For tickets and information visit: www.P2Pconference.com
I made a post about this last week in the blog, want to check it out? click here. I will try and attend this year’s conference myself if it will work with my schedule. I will know this closer to June.

Before we head to the interest received in January we have something to address.

Two P2P platforms made an exit around New Years shaking up the community

I have to talk about the biggest shock to the community and myself:  The shutdown ( Scams) revolving the platforms Kuetzal and Envestio. They are working on regulations for the P2P market in the EU right now but it will not be implemented before 2021-2022 from the looks of it.  So this will always be a risk in some cases since fraud and bad play will be a part of money investing unfortunately.

Kuetzal went down in December after announcing they would wind down. It looks like some projects was fake and overall bad managed P2P platform. I wasn’t invested in Kuetzal so I don’t have so much knowledge about them and what’s happening forward. Except that it’s an ongoing criminal case and I urge everyone invested there to report it to the police.

As for the case of Envestio, they have disappeared after 22 January leaving the investors without answers. I had invested in them myself ( 2000 Euros + interest lost? ) and thought everything was going great. The site went down late Januar and no response to the community on social media or any other channels.
I have written updates on this in my Envestio Review and hope that everyone that was involved report this to the Estonian police. This so we do what we can to get our money back if possible and at least get some justice for all interested parties.

Grupeer investment update January 2020

Second month of being invested in Grupper now and the interest is starting to stabilize. In January I received €11.07 in interest payouts. Up €5 from last month.

Things should be settling down normal after 2-3 month usually after joining a platform like this.
So It’s starting to look better now since the average interest from my investments there is 13%.
Read my Grupeer review for more info

Crowdestor P2P update January 2020

Crowdestor keeps paying out the interest on time and I start to like the platform more and more. I also received 250 euro back in principal from my first investment since it pays out interest and principal.
I received €22.78 in interest payouts in January, up €11.78 from last month.

Interest crowdestor

So now I’m invested in 2 projects. The new one I joined is: Fertilizer Export Financing (II) It’s a short term loan over 3 months with 21% interest. This project is going to pay out the interest and principal together in the end of the loan period, 30.04.2020
Read my review on Crowdestor if you want more info.

What’s been going on with me in January?

I have been on the road all January after Newyears mixing work and visiting family and friends. I’m going to be traveling for a few weeks more before I head back home to Cyprus later in February.
I must say It’s been a strange winter up in the North of Sweden and Norway then I’m used to. Much less snow and weeks with plus degrees and rain which I never experienced before in January. Luckily these last few weeks, snow has been pouring down so maybe it’s back to normal again ? 🙂

Like always keep doing your own research and be as safe as you can be with your invested capital. Sharing is caring when it comes to information.

This was it for now, hope you all have a great Februar.
Leave a comment or send me an email for discussions like always 🙂

4 thoughts on “P2P investment update January 2020

  1. Hi John.
    What do you think about Crowdestor and the projects they have with so high interestrates ? I have invested there for some time but I think some projects have rates that would be insane for any company to pay for a loan.
    Ps, rly like that picture of the train, looks like it’s stuck though😄 where is it?

    1. Hi Anna,
      Yeah for sure it’s more risky with higher interest rates for them to pay. Hopefully Crowdestor makes sure the numbers ads up and borrowers are able to pay for it so it shouldn’t be any problem as I see it.
      That’s a picture I took up north in Sweden, that train is stuck indeed. It’s an old train they have on display all year long 🙂

  2. Hi, always interesting to follow your updates. Too bad about what’s going on with Envestio. I was also invested there so I know the feeling😭 Hope that they catch them and find some of the money to give back to Investors.
    Have you made a report to the Estonian police?
    I see maybe you are going to Invest in Peerberry. I have done it for around 6 months and are happy with the result, so It’s recommended👍

    1. Hi Chriss,
      Yeah I hope they are able to catch them for fraud and maybe get some money back as well. Yes I have filled a report to them and now it’s a waiting game.
      Peerberry feels like a small up and coming Mintos so I will join them soon 🙂

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