P2P investment update July 2019

Yet another month has passed, this time July and it went quick I must add. My P2P investment is working like a charm and keeps on running the right direction.

It’s been a month with much time for family and friends on my part. Visited both Sweden and Norway since it was time for vacation 🙂

But enough about me, let’s see how my P2P investment on Mintos and Envestio made it last month and some numbers.


Mintos investment update July 2019

July was a good month at Mintos for my P2P investment, simple as that.
I received 362,43 in interest (up 13.20 from June) and 1,33 in late fee payments.

4,17 in Cashback from a few loans I managed to pick up of the campaign Kredo & Monego had. Not much money but in my defense I joined late and only went for loans under 3 months and they where hard to find since they went super fast so I can’t complain.

Total received on Mintos in July ended at 367,93, so I’m happy with the results.


Mintos account statement July 2019
Mintos account statement July 2019

I now have 5 different auto invest portfolios running so I almost don’t need to do anything to it. I can’t wait to see how this looks like in a few years.

My net annual return rate on Mintos is at 11.5%. Since most loans is picked up at 14% and more this will start to climb in the future but with so many loans it takes time.
I’m invested in right above 1700 loans now, all with amounts between 10-30 euros each.

My total profit until now on Mintos is 4 287.44 and my account balance is at € 38 268.44 ( numbers from 2 aug 2019)


Envestio investment update July 2019

My third month at Envestio has passed and everything is going like planned. I have now recived the first 100+ from my investment.

Interest received in July:  28,46
The interest rate is at 16.75%
Total account balance: 2100,36 ( updated 09.08.2019 )



New projects at Envestio in July

Envestio posted 2 new investment opportunities on their platform in July. Both where from same project “Financing the construction of Briana 4 residential part 1 and 2”. These got funded almost directly since there have been a lack of new projects the last 2 months.

I think there will be many more projects after the summer months when most people are back at work. Things always seems to slow down a bit in Europe at summertimes 🙂

Auto invest is now reality on Envestios platform

They launched the long awaited Auto invest feature in July which is worth mentioning. It’s straight forward settings and will keep reinvesting your money into the projects with your wanted criteria. This will help many people that is normally too late to invest to get a piece of the cake.

It will only work if you have 100 Euro or more on the account so keep that in mind. I think they could have set the bar lower to 20-50 euros since there are many investors that want their interest to be invested also but get lower than 100 each month and will have to wait to accumulate or keep doing it manually.


News on Mintos in July

P2P investmentAlexcredit joined Mintos platform in July as a new loan originator. With an average interest rate at 13% for the investor and only Short term loans for now.
Good news is that they started of bad in my point of view with a grace period of 9 days but they cut it down to 0 days so that’s good to see. They issue short term loans in Ukraine and where started in 2017.

They are growing fast and have a system that lets you apply online for the loans. Around 20-30% of the applications for loans are accepted through their system and they have issued loans to over 100 000 people so far. Alexcredit are showing an increase of around 10 000 new loans per month so it can be good to have an eye on them for the future.


Cashback campaigns on Mintos

cashback mintos july

There were 4 Loan originators that had Cashback deals in July on Mintos. This to boost investments and attraction in their loans. 

First there was ExpressCredit and Credius that gave 1-2% cashback in loans financed within the period of 8-22 July. Then we had Kredo & Monego that joined the fight for investors together to give 0.75-2% within 12-26 July. For us that have money in P2P investment I hope more loan originators start doing this regularly so we can get something extra out of our investments 🙂



I will keep this post short today. leave a comment or reach out if it’s anything.

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  1. I have followed your posts some time now and I like that you add whats going on at the platforms and not only have your earnings posted. Keep it up?

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