P2P investment update June 2019

June is over and my P2P investments keep doing great. I received 383,58 from my investments in June 🙂

This was a busy month on the work front so my time has been spent on work and family exclusively. Enjoyed some sunny days with good food and company so that’s what summers all about.

Together with my update on how my P2P investments is going I will also talk about some of the new things that has happened in June on Mintos platform. 


Mintos investment update June 2019

My Mintos portfolio has a net annual return rate at 11.5% for now. It will start to climb slowly in the future since I’m getting most of the new loans at 13-14%. I got 349,23 in interest (down €15,52 compared to May) together with 5,38 in cashback from the campaign I joined for a few days before it ended. The late payment fees I received is around the same like always at 1.44.
So in June I received a total of 356,05 on Mintos.

mintos account statement June 2019
Mintos account statement June 2019

My total profit until now on Mintos is 4 001.10  with my account balance at €37 982.10 ( updated 9 July 2019)
You can follow my monthly interest I received in the Income graphs page.
If you are new to P2P investments you can read my Mintos review.


Envestio investment update June 2019

Here we have the numbers from my second month at Envestio.

Interest received in June:  27,54 Euros
The interest rate is at 16.75% like stated in the project I invested in so everything looks like it’s going smooth.
Total account balance: 2071,90 Euros ( updated 09.07.2019 )


It has been no new projects listed on Envestio in June and I see that people are starting to wonder what’s going on. I have been in contact with them and the looks of it they are working on a few things so there will be new projects soon. All the projects at their platform is running like they should and is collecting interest to the investors so all good there.
Read my Envestio review if you havent seen it yet for more information on their platform.


News on Mintos in June

They have had some changes made on Mintos together with new features last month that’s worth mentioning. I will talk about some of the things that have happened in June.

Mintos had a summer campaign that lasted between 5-19 June that could give you some cashback ( from 0.25% to 1% depending on the loans you invested in). I just saw it when there was a few days left so I got only a few euros extra out of it, but money is money so I’m still happy 🙂 Checking Mintos blog once in a while for things like this and earn more in periods can be a good thing.


Mintos Invest & access

Mintos Invest & access

Mintos launched a new investment strategy in June, Invest & access.
In short, this is supposed to make you have better liquidity and get your money out fast if needed. This is an automatic portfolio where you just set the amount you want to invest and it will buy a variety of loans from the platform for you. They say you need to invest 500 euros or more to have it optimal.

The problem I have with this is that you can’t pick loan originators or interest yourself, it will make all the decisions for you. You can’t even pick how much you want in each loan.

Since my auto invest portfolios is working fine and with my own criteria I don’t see the point of using Invest & access. It’s still easy to sell loans in the secondary market if needed to cash out faster one day. 

Updated ratings for some of the loan originators

Mintos have made an update on some of the loan originators like they do once in a while. Most of these Loan originators I dont invest in right now since they are outside my criteria. One of them, Varks in other hand is one I think both have good interest for the investors and they are showing stability and growth so thats a good sign.

This is the loan originators and their new ratings:
Agrocredit from B+ to A-
Cashwagon from C+ to B-
Credilikeme from C to C+
Credius (Romanian)  from B to B+
Dinero from C+ to B-
ID Finance (Spain)  from B- to B
Metrokredit from C+ to B-
Varks from B to B+

Mintos have accepted new loan originators in June.

Mintos have accepted this new loan originator from UK in June.
They have loans that’s rather short around 4-6 months with an interest up to 12.5% So it might be a good fit for them to be at Mintos. Their skin in the game is at minimum 10%.
Cash4unow will also have buyback guarantee on their loans at Mintos so investors have one extra layer of safety, thumbs up for that.


Dziesiątka Finanse
This is a loan originator that have been in business for over 18 years in Poland. Now they have joined Mintos platform and are the 11th Loan originator that issue loans in Poland. They will have interest up to 14% to the investors with a buyback guarantee. Thy will have loans in both EUR & PLN. The loans they provide is personal and have a maturity up to 24 months.


They are a new loan originator from spain that provides car loans in Spain. The interest for the investors are up to 14% and they are committed with 10% themself in every loan. Their loans are from 2k to 8k euros and have a maturity at maximum 4 years for now. Lendrock is quite small for now with only 2 million euros in their portfolio and have operated for 3 years.


Loan originators that have left the platform in June on Mintos

Mintos have had some loan originators that have left the platform for different reasons. The good thing is that all of these loan originators that left bought back the loans and interest. So they ended the relationship in a good way.

They were “kicked out” since Mintos didn’t see how they could keep up when they have had a decline in their financial situation. It’s good to see that Mintos is trying to protect the investors here.

ID Finance ( only the Georigan part) They have made changes to their business model and will no longer offer personal loans in Georgia. Their Spain, Mexico and kazakhstan loans will be their focus on Mintos now. It’s worth mentioning that ID Finance is a big company that is ranked one of the safest loan originators on Mintos still.

Have ended the relationship since they are making changes to their company. Mintos are saying this might only be temporary so we have to see about that.

For myself I have thought that their loans ain’t worth investing in since the 30 days grace period they had on all their loans, incl not so high rates for the investors.

If they come back and still have the same grace period I will still keep away.

GetBucks ( only the EU part)
This company that’s owned by Mybucks have decided to end their EU lending part and only focus on their African regions from now on at Mintos.





This was it for now, please leave a comment if there are any questions or thoughts I would be happy to answer.

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