P2P investment update June, July & August 2020

Investment update june-aug

Long time no see everyone, welcome to a new Investment update. I’ve been doing my best to stay away from computers and most of the digital world for the last three months to just enjoy time with friends, trips and to explore the Island of Cyprus more. I didn’t check on any investments P2P or other during this time. And my take on it is: Everyone should try and take a break from things as much as possible for a month or two.
Ofc I still had to do some work but I shortened it to 2-3h per day the few times it was needed (working online so it’s hard to stay 100% away). Had the phone but made myself just use it for calling and one time per day check social media and so on. I’ve started to go swimming two times per day, once in the sunrise at 6-8 in the morning and again later in the day. It’s been so refreshing and has given me more energy. Now when August is over I’m going back to the old routine slowly slowly 🙂

September is here and summer is over in most places in the EU. Luckily for me, Cyprus has a long season so it’s around 35 degrees and burning hot still.

Because it has been some time since I made an P2P update, I’m going to go through these three months quickly so we get a picture of how things have been going for the few P2P platforms I’m invested in.

Estateguru Investment update June – Aug 2020

Estateguru has from the start and even through the Corona pandemic shown that it keeps on delivering like promised. Can it be because they only go for real estate projects and not private personal loans like other platforms? The loans usually have great collateral like first rank mortgages and LTV is at a good % so that is reassuring and maybe a part of why they have seen less repayment problems than other platforms? All investments have different repayment structures, like monthly, quarterly and full bullet at the end of the loan project. Some they only go for monthly repayments, but I really don’t care as long the investment is solid and will repay once done.

Interest received for these last three months:
June: €9.38
July: €4.81
Aug: €4.36

Interest rate for my Estateguru portfolio is at: 11.56% divided on 8 projects as of now.
I have little over 240 Euro free on the platform now after two projects repaid early. So I’m just waiting for the next +12% project to invest that capital.
Read my review on Estateguru here.

Crowdestor Investment update June – Aug 2020

Crowdestor has been one of few platforms that has been really active on social media. They try and update investors and all with information throughout the Corona pandemic. Even though they were hit by borrowers that had problems with repayments like most platforms. They introduced a Freeze of repayments to help borrowers at the beginning of the crisis which I think was a good move. Last 2 months more and more of the projects have been able to start repayments so it looks like it’s going the right way again. All loans are not on schedule right now, still some of them that are affected by the crisis and its not a chock since the Pandemic is even worse now vs in the March/ April when most countries had lockdowns. And the economic effects usually hit a few months after the problems start for a company.

So let’s take a look my Crowdestor investments.
Interest received for these last three months:

June: €0 ( still freeze on most projects payments )
July: €12.33 
Aug: €10.79

Interest rate for my Crowdestor portfolio is at: 21.75% divided on 4 projects as of now. I have some Euros free on the platform now. So I’m waiting to see what projects they will release soon that are interesting for me to invest in.
One of the projects is late with repayments, It’s one of those that needed the freeze (Fertilizer export project).
Only thing I would like to see get better are more frequent updates on late projects.
Read my review on Crowdestor here.


Grupeer Is still giving some updates on their Website/Blog. But is still not talking with investors about all the questions posted on social media. Some get answers on Email but still only talk about the new KYC protocol that they need “all” investors to fill in to get a new bank account so they can start up again? I think this is a stalling tactic. There is no bank in the world that would request all that information from a company’s investors. What bank would request that from a company with + 10 000 investors, and take the time to go through it?
I can understand that the Bank would like to see information that some company updates the KYC, nothing wrong with that. But it’s easy to show the updates and to say all old investors need to update things before they are allowed to operate the accounts.

There is still the ongoing lawsuit being prepared and moving forward. I haven’t seen any big news around this up to now more then small talk and preparations being made.

Other bigger news in the P2P area:

  • Mintos is coming closer to getting their Investment firm license. Not a date set for now when it’s all going to be finished but we all wait eagerly.
    The LO, Lime Zaim expanded their lending as one of the first LO’s to do this after the Corona pandemic hit the world on Mintos.
    Other LO’s on Mintos like Peachy and some others started to repay loans that have been late under the Pandemic.
    Some changes were made in some countries last months so LO’s like Kiva, Lendo, Kredit24. They started with a wind-down on loans listed on Mintos to be in line with the new regulations.
  • Crowdestor have released clarification on how Buyback guarantees & how the Provision Fund works. Hopefully this gives new & old investors a more clear view on things.
    Crowdestor also released a quarterly overview in mig august, with some key information.
  • Estateguru implemented a new payment solution, Lemonway.
    They also posted results from the second quarter. They increased their business 65% ths period which is a strong result in the pandemic period.
Investment update

This is it for this investment update, I’m going to start posting these updates monthly again now going forward. So stay tuned for the next update in the start of October.

Let’s finish of with this view from a small beach in Cyprus where I usually spend my time working under the umbrellas. 🙂

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