P2P Investment update May 2019 – Mintos & Envestio

Yet another month has passed, Mintos is going like it should and keeps increasing. I’m invested in my second P2P platform since May, Envestio. I have talked about this for some time now so, FINALLY! I will show you the numbers further down in the post.

June is here and the the summer has arrived. The temperature is around 30-35 degrees so can’t complain in my new country. I have had much to do here in May with work. Luckily some family & friends visited me so we had some great days with food and trips around the Island.
I waited to post this update since I wanted to see if the payout of interest went like it should for my new investment at Envestio.


Finally an investor on Envestio

After a long time waiting I’m invested on their platform, my second P2P platform. If you want more information on the project I invested in you can read more about it in my last post about my envestio investment. Please also read my review about Envestio.

projects on Envestios platform
Some of the projects on Envestios platform

Here is a quick recap:
The name of the project is Production of Sawn Timber – part 6. I made a deposit of 2000 Euros to start with and this project gives 16.75% Interest.
The loan period is just for 7 Months and pays out interest once every month on the 8th. The last payout include the whole principal, this project have a guarantee from Envestio which is good. They released this on 8 of May the same day my money was on the platform so it was perfect timing for me.

Envestio Investment update May 2019 (08.05-08.06)

This is the numbers that I got for my first month at Envestio.
Bonus 5 Euros for deposit + 10 Euros ( Timespan bonus from referral link I joined through)
Interest received was 29,36 Euros. ( Paid out in time like the schedule said )
Total received in this period: 44,36 Euros.

Total balance incl investment 2044,36 Euros

I joined Envestio through a Referral link so I got 5 Euros extra on my deposit and I will get 0.5% on top of the interest I get from my investments for 270 days.
If you don’t have an account on Envestio you can use this link and get the same as I did.


Mintos investment update May 2019

May was a great month for my Mintos portfolio, It’s giving me 11.5% interest and the amount is growing each month.
I received 364,75 Euros in Interest for May together with 1,29 Euros in Late fees. This gave me an increase in interest of 16.65 Euros compared to April.
My total profit on Mintos up until 9 June is 3633,10 Euros which is great for the work put in to it.



Mintos account statement 2019 May
Mintos account statement May 2019

This makes my total portfolio at Mintos to be at 37 633,10 Euros on 9 June 2019.
Almost all of the new loans I invest in picks up at 14% or more so I’m waiting for the average net return to start increase soon. I have so many loans in total so it takes time to get it to increase, but it’s doing it slowly for now. I had 1635 Loans on 9 June.


I’m going to make some changes in my P2P portfolio

I’m thinking of maybe selling out a portion of my Mintos portfolio and move it to other P2P platforms in the future. Main reason is that I want to spread it out more and hopefully get better interest on my invested money. I just need to decide on which of them I’m going to join. Grupeer is one of them together with Envestio that I started with in May. I’m looking for more platforms right now so I will come back with more updates on that.

The amount of loans I have and the size of the portfolio at Mintos will go down in the future if I’m going to sell a portion of it to invest in other platforms. If so, I will try and sell out the lowest interest loans if possible. Either way I need to move some of the capital so it’s good they have a secondary market for this. I will try and do this in a couple of months if things goes as planed.

Another thing I’m looking in to is that now when I have settled down in another country I might have to sell of my whole Mintos portfolio to invest again just to get the Tax benefits around investing from my new country. I will have to look in to this more before doing anything either way.


This was it for now, write a comment if you have any questions or want to discuss something.

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