P2P investment update November 2019

December is finally here, time for yet another P2P investment update. The last month of the year brings both Christmas and New years, my two favorite celebrations. To watch old christmas movies and just hang out with family is all what it’s about if you ask me 🙂

I’m still waiting for my funds from my Mintos cashout and the finishing of the financial rapport of the company Im closing to be calculated and done with. This might take a couple of months from the looks of it so I just have to wait and see before I can invest that money again sadly.

In the meanwhile I thought it would be good to get started with two new P2P platforms that I have had my eyes on for a long time. I have registered accounts, deposited and verified all documents needed for both Grupeer and Crowdestor now in November. These two P2P platforms are among the top ranked in EU right now but havent operated for such a long time yet though. I made a deposit of €1000 on each of the platforms to start with and the plan is to increase this as time goes if the results is close to whats expected. 

So I will show you some information about these new investments first, then we go to what November delivered for my Envestio portfolio.

Quick information on my new investments at Grupeer and Crowdestor.

€1000 Deposited late November. Auto invest is set up at +13% interest, up to 12 months loan period and Only buyback guarantee loans. Right now invested in 50 loans at €20 each with 13% interest.

Read my review on Grupeer for more information about them and their platform.

P2P investment Update

€1000 Deposited late November. Invested in one project at 24% interest with a loan period of 12 months. Project name: CONSUMER LOAN PORTFOLIO ACQUISITION ( 24%!!!!!! on your investment is HUGE! )

No auto invest at Crowdestor since they focus on big and few projects, so it’s not needed right now in my opinion. If they get a huge increase of projects and investors in the future it can be a helpful tool, but until then the notifications on email works fine.

Read my review on Crowdestor for more information about them and their platform.

Envestio investment update November 2019

Envestio keeps repaying interest each month in time and everything is working like it should. So I must say this is going like expected. It’s simple to manage the account page and all that. They send updates regarding news or new projects on email so it’s easy to follow.

In November I received  €30,28 in interest from the projects Im invested in at Envestio.
I got my first principal repayment from a project that got finished where I had €2000 invested without problem now in the start of December.

The only downside I can think of is the number of new projects from time to time. If Envestio can manage to increase new projects they list each month it would be awesome.

* Update 17 December, 2 New project released with 19% interest over 12 months. Project name: Materials for the construction of roads and technical salt, tier 1 & tier 2.
Now I’m reinvested and have to wait until the first interest payout in january. So you will be able to follow this from the update in start of February 2020 and forward.


This was it for November since Envestio was the only active P2P investment that gave some income. I’m looking forward to start updating on how my new investments at Grupeer and Crowdestor works out. They should both be starting to pay interest from next month so stay tuned for that.

Hope you all have a great December with the holidays and New Years celebrations coming around the corner. See you guys in 2020 🙂

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