P2P Investment update September 2020

Hi and welcome back to another update on how my two active P2P investments are doing. I wanted to increase my portfolio in the P2P section but will wait for better times in the future. We are still in strange times with the Corona pandemic showing signs of getting worse and worse. After the first lockdown was over and they started to open borders and let up on restrictions we now face a huge increase of cases worldwide. What will happen? Maybe another lockdown in the horizon? If that happens we are looking at a huge economic disaster.

I will not use more time to go into that now since we all read about it all the time. We can’t do anything but wait and see for now and be safe.
Let’s go into how my Crowdestor and Estateguru portfolios are doing.

Crowdestor Investment update September 2020

Crowdestor is one of few platforms that is continuing their updates. They show a comeback from the first period of the pandemic where all was halted. Still some projects on hold but more and more starts to repay again. It will be interesting to follow how things pan out forward with uncertainty about new lockdowns and so on as a result of increasing Corona cases around the world.

Interest received in Sept: €10,43
Total profit until now: €114,04

Estateguru Investment update September 2020

Not much to say about Estateguru for now, it’s running along rather fine and has been under the pandemic. Real Estate backed loans seem to be less impacted than other sectors in the P2P market which is nice to see.

Interest received in Sept: €13,60
Total profit until now: €65,42

This was it for now, keeping it short since we are close to next months update. Finishing of with a picture of how the sunset was shining beautiful here in Cyprus one early morning start of October when I went for a quick swim 🙂

Investment update sunrise

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