Quick view of my Crowdestor portfolio

Since there is much happening in the P2P area I decided to show how my portfolio is doing at Crowdestor.

I will show what loans I’ve invested in, amounts and how the progress is going. I’m still confident that most of the loans and repayments will happen overall. But I also want to show that it’s an investment and that you never can be 100% sure it will work out as planned.
This goes for anything you invest in, but I believe most of you know this.

Invested in a new loan 29.09

I had €248 free on the account now so I decided to invest in “Construction engineering company”. This loan is over 12 months with 29,5% interest. So high return / high risk investment.
It will pay both interest and installments each month, which is a schedule I prefer if available.
Since I just joined it now 29.09 I have to wait and see next month if things start of as planned.

Here is some quick info on the projects description and borrower for “Construction engineering company”:

To my investment portfolio overview

So if we check here in the printscreen below of my Crowdestor portfolio below. You might see that I have invested in four projects before this new one. Of these four, one is having problems right now.

Crowdestor portfolio

I’m waiting to see what’s going to happen to that loan (Fertilizer Export Financing) since there isn’t much more to do then that. I’ve only gotten some parts of it back so far and It’s way overdue. Crowdestor is on it but this can take time in my experience.
The money not received back is most probably lost but it’s not over until the fat lady sings like the saying goes.

Take a look at my Crowdestor review for more information on this P2P platform here.

Quick look at my Crowdestor Dashboard overview

I’m keeping this one short since I mainly wanted to show that it’s not all rainbows and gold without problems along the road.
Until next time, stay safe and only invest money you can afford to risk.

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