Here you will find reviews of some of the biggest and well known P2P platforms out there. It’s a jungle with many different choices so you should pick the right one for your needs. I find all of these to be good in there own ways and I’m looking forward to see what the future brings for these P2P platforms.


When it comes to P2P investments, Mintos is the biggest out there today. They have been up and running since 2015 and are much bigger than all others in that section in Europe. They have more than 5 000 million Euros invested from over 280 000 investors. With an average interest at 11.98%.
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Crowdestor is a platform with many different types of loans towards businesses and projects. They focus on some projects that are hard to find anywhere else, Movies and game projects are a few of them. Over 11 000 investors that funded over 31 000 000 Euros in projects. The interest is on the high side for being P2P lending which also adds some risk towards it. Average interest at 15.30%.
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Estateguru is one of the biggest RealEstate P2P platforms in EU today. It has over 40 000 investors and focuses on Mortgage backed loans in different countries. It’s been raised over 190 000 000 Euros in funding for project. It’s been live for over 6 years now with an excellent history for investors. This is one of the newest & longed for reviews at getrichtogether. Average interest at 11.87%.
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Grupeer is one of the platforms that’s gotten more and more news and clients because of the easy going interface and setup for the platform. Over 27 000 investors and 70 000 000 Euros Invested on the platform today. Average interest at 13%.
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