Why I started this blog about my investments

The mission is to learn and try and get financially free in the end with P2P lending and other investment types. To only work with my investments & have more spare time in my life is something I strive for. So the more passive income sources I can get would be one step closer to my goal.

Moved from Norway to Cyprus

The main reason I moved from Norway where I’ve been living the past 10 years was to speed things up. To cut my expenses from how it was living in the expensive Norway. I figured that I could live on ½ of the amount that I had been and still live comfortable. A work opportunity came buy here in Cyprus so I felt it would be good with a change. This way I could really charge towards my financially free plan faster. Also this set in motion I would have more to invest with. All together makes it faster achievable to reach my goal.

It’s not that easy for most of us to become free from the normal way of working and to have enough money to stop working for others. I mean, we are not all from rich families or have a golden ticket served to us for free, so we have to work hard and smart.

Why I started this

At this blog you will see all my investments in some of the P2P lending & crowdfunding platforms out there. I will show you everything with transparency and the goal is to show one way it can be done. I know some might not want to even talk about their salaries, nor yet there investments. That’s up to everyone of course but I feel we should try and help each other out. With knowledge and as much information as possible, so people know what’s out there and how things work. I don’t have the winning recipe or can say I’m 100% sure this will work in the long run. This is only my point of view and experiences, keep that in mind. I’m never going to tell someone to do anything with their own money. 
So this is my path to becoming more economically free, if it goes good or bad we will see, only the future can answer that.

*Disclosure: Some links on this blog are affiliate links that may give you an extra bonus when signing up and investing. It can be a set amount of money or extra % upon investing for a period of time. It might also give me a bonus for referring you in some cases which I appreciate if you like the information provided on the blog.

Some statistics

I read somewhere that in US, almost 65-80% live from paycheck to paycheck. In UK its around 25-40%, and like this it goes on in the countries where it’s quite good economies. If we talk about other parts of the world, Africa, Asia and so on the numbers is also at the same as US or worse.

I’m from Sweden one of the Nordic countries where it’s a rather good and high living standard compared to the rest of the world. Still the numbers in Sweden is increasing on those who wouldn’t have enough money on the side to survive more than 1-2 months if something would happen and no help would be there for them. In Sweden they have a system that should help you so you still survive of course, but now I’m not talking about that part because it’s not freedom. The reasons for this is many, the cost of living grows, we want more things. Maybe we think short term before long term goals right there and then. If we want change it starts with ourselves, the choices we make.

So for these reasons and many more I need to find some passive income that will help me in the future.

I have some experience with investing in stocks, index funds, different types of loans and projects in the North and now also documenting my P2P investments. To reach my goal I will use all the methods I’ve picked up over the years. To reach the best possible result without taking to much risk of course. I will diversify between this instruments and hopefully through new learnings and experiences find more ways to reach Financiall Freedom in the future.

To sum up my goals for the P2P investments

P2P lending

The first goal with is to reach 2000 Euro per month from my P2P & crowdfunding investment. This might happen in a few years if the market still grows and I get to allocate enough over to P2P lending. At this level its not the DREAM but I start to get a decent amount each month. This is one step in the right direction.

When that is said, my dream goal would be when I reach +5000 Euro per month after 7-10 years. At this level I’m getting more then my dayjob pays me and more. Here I will be at a place where I can be more free and only focus on investments forward.

Just write a comment or send me an email at john@getrichtogether.eu  if there is anything